Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thrift Score ::: Steampunk Viking Ship

Ah, the thrift store, I go to you when I have money, and when I am bored. My kids love you as much as I do, I can hardly concentrate through the screams on I want this, what's that, It's MINE! Yes, you allow me to be stressed and de-stress at the same time. I could spend hours or a matter of minutes, and yet I find countless treasures that someone else considered trash.

Yet in all my travels, I've never seen anything so obviously Steampunk. I came to wonder why someone had given it away. They must have thought that it was old and useless. Thank goodness they did because, well, it wouldn't be hanging on my wall now. The back is covered in a brown paper that is a printed reproduction of items from a Victorian Dry Goods catalog.

Since I have so many vintage and antique items from the thrift store that I plan to incorporate into my Steampunk & Neo Victorian Jewelry, I have decided to post sneak peaks every now and again. Look for the on my etsy shop

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