Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lavalier Pins & Time Traveler Key Brooch

This gorgeous lavalier pin is made using in upside down hand wrapped lavalier style drop with antique Tibetan (?) Turkish poison eh hem, perfume vial.

These are the original Time Traveler Keys in Silver. Each key has a full metal jacket with core stabilizers and vintage Austrian cut crystal set with genuine antique watch parts. They also come in brass. I will be listing these soon on my etsy shoppe.

If you will be attending the 219 Time Machine in Toledo in Febuary 2011, make sure you stop by to see my full line of wares.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

From the Back of Beyond

Vintage Deco Style Ladies Wrist Watch Case featured a Green onyx stone set in a mainspring barrel and below hangs a genuine French 1922 Centimes Coin. The other lavalier style drop pendant features a stunning genuine emerald and 1880's doll button, mounted an a genuine watch movement, housed in a ladies deco wrist watch case with tiny treasure box dangling below.

Men's Tie Tacs featuring genuine jet black glass hand carved buttons with gold leaf embellishment from the 1800's set in brass mainspring barrels. Others are designed from misc watch parts.

Deco Cases house genuine watch movements & dials, beneath hangs vintage cut crystal Time Traveler's Keys. The other case is a bit older and features an open face with blood red garnet & crack knobs embellishing the inside with engraving exposed. Below hangs a Tibetan engraved cloisonne pendant, GORGEOUS!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Inter-Dimensional &Time Travel Cyrstal Portal Keys Available for Pre-Order

For the select few that hold their license in the Guild of Inter-Dimensional Time & Space Travel, now is the time that you may secure your own High-Density cut Crystal Portal Keys.

The first and smaller key lets you easily seek out the area in which open & available portals can be located, while the larger key will carry you to your destination when used in conjunction with written commands in passage ledgers.

Two new designs are the Attachable (by pin) Winged Key Holder Medallion & The Elegant Lavalier Chain Necklace featuring a Genuine Antique Ladies Deco Watch with original movement & dial. The above picture is a small sample of my current work. For ordering information contact me via the aether web a destination

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time Traveling Outfitters & Antiques of Tomorrow

For all of you to travel abroad and into deep time & space, don't forget your keys when you leave home to travel through the void. We have all the keys to suit your needs. All of them multi-functioning, complete with instructional guidebook on looking for key holes & device manipulating spells & codes. Features antique Watch Bits & Pieces for a look of Antiquity.

GUARANTEED to get you out of any Chronological MESS
Ensures Safe Passage when used Properly

Available Soon & Taking Pre-Orders

The Spectra Nova
Time Traveling Outfitters & Antiques of Tomorrow