Monday, April 25, 2011

The Infernal Device - Huge Mechanical Sculpture and Painting

Hey all, I gotta share another awesome project by some fellow artists friends of mine! I had the pleasure of going out to Grand Rapids to support Myke Amend & his crew on their last Art Prize endeavors, and now he is at it again with two other very talented guys, Steve Brook & Todd Cahill. They are doing a Kickstarter, please pledge & share!

The Infernal Device is a large mechanical animated sculpture conceived by steampunk/retrofuturist artist Myke Amend, enginartist Steve Brook and steam modeler Todd Cahill as a collaborative entry for Artprize (the country’s largest open entry art competition, held in Grand Rapids MI).

Their intent is to build a dynamic sculpture using 90% Vintage, Re-purposed materials that will be powered entirely by alternative energy sources (wind, solar, steam).
The final work will be an stunning combination of moving 3-D sculpture and 2-dimensional painting, with many articulating features working together as one cohesive work of art.

Our mission is to mark mankind’s progress through the industrial age into now in a single sculpture.

Our goal is to combine old and new world technology to present a visually stunning, monumental engineering tribute of Art and Science.

If you would like to be a part of this project, please consider cashing in on the many awards Linkavailable at our Kickstarter page. We are doing this all out of pocket, and the expense is something as astounding as the project is tremendous. It would *really* mean a lot to us.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kickstarter ::: Sings with Stars

I first met Bethany Grenier at the World Steam Expo last year 2010. Her sense of style was the first thing I noticed. It was so original that I had to compliment her when she came over to check out my wares. Later that year I had the pleasure of going out to Grand Rapids, MI in support of the a project that Bethany and her friends were working on, called Cirque Acirca for Art Prize 2010. During my second trip out that way for Art Prize, I got a chance to hang out with Bethany & Bethalynne Bajema first hand. It was good times, as we ran about the city, shared a drink, and later hooked up with many other people at Destination 1111 for the Show there that night featuring many of the cities talented artists, as well as some imported talent. During that time, she gave me her first book: Sings With Stars, which I thoroughly enjoyed while working late nights at my work.

Now she is preparing to launch her second book at the World Steam Expo 2011. Help her to reach her goal!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Black Ibis Project ::: KICKSTARTER

To be an artist is a challenge, to be an artist with huge dreams is even more of a challenge. I understand this very well, having scrimped and saved, sacrificed things for my self, in the name of art and making art.

When I first became familiar with Bethalynne's work, I was floored. Looking at a all of the detail, I imagined all of the painstaking hours and years of hard work that she has poured into her work. When I asked how she did it, she hinted along the lines of digital collage & painting. And again, I was amazed again at the sheer intricacies of her work because THAT was a whole different ball game.

"The Black Ibis is a simple story that revolves around one sister trying to find the other sister who has become lost. It becomes not so simple when we find the other sister has become lost in underground world of secret cities and dark cabarets. This is a pretty basic premise for a story, especially one based on this type of fantasy. However, this is my dark fairy tale so it's an absurd, surreal little story seeped in my wonky characters and artwork style. I'm hoping others will enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed creating it. I am so proud to have seen it from starting idea and doodles to having a finished illustrated story and two tarot decks to show for. Samples of the Black Ibis (and I am adding to this page often) can be found here:

What I want to do is earn enough money to invest in the initial printing of the first book of the Black Ibis graphic novel series and the major arcana tarot deck that goes along with the novel. I want to do this so I can offer the book and tarot deck at the World Steam Expo this coming May. It will be the first time I've attempted a more formal launch of a project of mine. Normally my work is print on demand because I seldom have the funds to make large orders and keep a ready stock of my own work on hand. "

I hope that I have had the absolute pleasure to introduce you to something new. But whether or not you are familiar with Bethalynne's work, I hope that you will consider supporting this project to help fund a hard working artist dreams. Not only in the name of The Black Ibis, but also in the name of ART!!!