Monday, April 11, 2011

Kickstarter ::: Sings with Stars

I first met Bethany Grenier at the World Steam Expo last year 2010. Her sense of style was the first thing I noticed. It was so original that I had to compliment her when she came over to check out my wares. Later that year I had the pleasure of going out to Grand Rapids, MI in support of the a project that Bethany and her friends were working on, called Cirque Acirca for Art Prize 2010. During my second trip out that way for Art Prize, I got a chance to hang out with Bethany & Bethalynne Bajema first hand. It was good times, as we ran about the city, shared a drink, and later hooked up with many other people at Destination 1111 for the Show there that night featuring many of the cities talented artists, as well as some imported talent. During that time, she gave me her first book: Sings With Stars, which I thoroughly enjoyed while working late nights at my work.

Now she is preparing to launch her second book at the World Steam Expo 2011. Help her to reach her goal!!!

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