Thursday, December 16, 2010

From the Back of Beyond

Vintage Deco Style Ladies Wrist Watch Case featured a Green onyx stone set in a mainspring barrel and below hangs a genuine French 1922 Centimes Coin. The other lavalier style drop pendant features a stunning genuine emerald and 1880's doll button, mounted an a genuine watch movement, housed in a ladies deco wrist watch case with tiny treasure box dangling below.

Men's Tie Tacs featuring genuine jet black glass hand carved buttons with gold leaf embellishment from the 1800's set in brass mainspring barrels. Others are designed from misc watch parts.

Deco Cases house genuine watch movements & dials, beneath hangs vintage cut crystal Time Traveler's Keys. The other case is a bit older and features an open face with blood red garnet & crack knobs embellishing the inside with engraving exposed. Below hangs a Tibetan engraved cloisonne pendant, GORGEOUS!

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