Monday, October 18, 2010

Drawings Drudged out of the Depths of my Closet ::: Inspiring Wooden Objects

Looking to branch into other areas of three-dimensional art, I decided to pull some inspiration from the past and uncover some of my earlier works. The theme of these pen and ink drawings (using micron pens) was plant life. The human figure was a chief inspiration for many of my works.

The top is the Ocular Bulbarrous Appendae Plant. All Ocular plants are bulbous in nature and consist of a single domed light sensitive iris. A sweet smelling flower producing a potent nectar grows on this plant which is caught with rain water and stored into "death cauldrons" where insects are lured and trapped for food once the water is evaporated.

The second is entitled "The Rose" and was part of a larger sketch. This type of plant nymph draws it's life force from the rich earth in the ancient forests of the "earth". It is mobile and can speak. It prefers to perch on the trunk of trees near it's limbs so that it is safe from predators below.

The third is an interesting study trying to combine the anatomy of the human arm to resemble plant anatomy.

In addition to these works, there are others that I am not yet or rather not willing to release, as most of them are studies. Yet, inside my head there are many things that have been sitting around, waiting for the right moment to be born into existence.

The reason that all of this is so important, is because I've had a crazy idea in my head for a long time. I love old wodden boxes and other type of small interesting type of wooden furniture, lamps, shevling units, shadow boxes, and the like. The other day I was at the thrift store and found this really bulk jewelry boxes with 15 drawers line in blue velvet. I had to redo it. I plan to pull my own art work into the box by painting it perhaps in an Egyptian Steampunk Steam, or perhaps Nouveau (as I have a really cool Mucha Stamping that I need to polish up and use)

I hope that I will have the time and motivation to come through on such a huge task. I leave you now with this sad quote in lieu of motivation....

"It is usually the imagination that is wounded first, rather than the heart; it being much more sensitive. " - Henry David Thoreau

Don't Stop....

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