Friday, January 21, 2011

Calling All Steampunk Photographers

In my travels, I have come across so many places and to many more I shall go. This next month is full of many events, new possibilities are on the horizon, and so on and so forth.

Part of the city that once lived, has died, never to return. Who here will save dying structure; rescue by renovation? Much has been lost. Time goes by and so we, as lovers of the past, must seize the day to capture the old and make way for the future. As a community of Steampunks in Detroit, photographing the remaining jewel's of Detroit & Michigan should be priority.

Of The Belle Isle Conservatory Febuary 26th 1:00PM - 3:00PM

This is a paid for event, as in we are PAYING to have permission to shoot there. We will have three or four photographers working the grounds. So if you are interested in getting some amazing shots in a place that has been around long enough to make history, please contact me.

Also note this is a great opportunity to have yourself photographed by some amazing talented people. Bethalynne Bajema is doing a STEAMPUNK ISSUE of Insects & Angels in the very near future, and is looking for submissions.

I have also heard talk of a Steampunk Calendar...

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