Thursday, February 24, 2011

BELLE ISLE SNAG ::: SHOOT still ON ::: Possibly at the DIA

Vespertine Nova Lark February 24 at 4:15pm
Ladies & Gentleman. In the recent months, I have been in contact with the board of Directors at Belle Isle for around a month in a half, making sure the information I had was correct.

Yesterday was the day I was to pay the fee for the rights to come and shoot at the conservatory. When I got there, first they made me get a money order, then when I came back I wrote it out to the Treasurer of Detroit, and they began to change their story...

I initially told them we were a group of students. NOW they wanted proof of this, a letter from a teacher or dean of the school stating it was a school project. OK NO PROBLEM.

We found someone to do this for us, the letter was written, and faxed. I have since spoken with them again, but they are trying to get it approved. Tomorrow they should have an answer for us.

IF IN THE EVENT WE ARE DENIED... The shoot will be CHANGED and we shall meet at the DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS. The admission is $8.00 per person. SOME of the money that was raised for the BELLE ISLE EVENT, will be used to help keep the cost down for all coming to attend.

WE will be allowed to shoot in their PERMANENT COLLECTION. Security will allow NO PROPS in the form of weaponry and it is doubtful that I will get to use my tea set, but I am gonna bring it anyway!!!

STAYED TUNNED and make sure you CONTACT ME BACK, with ever so much as an OK just so I KNOW that YOU KNOW!!!!

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