Friday, April 2, 2010

Waltham, Rock, & Wine ::: Empty Spaces II

I have recently come across the most exquisite mahogany chest gleaming with exceptional brass work. Trapped inside a sort of reinforced eight walled dungeon, this box lay for who knows how long. As I cracked the lock and peering inside, I feast my eyes upon emerald, garnet, labradorite, carnelian, and green onyx. As I filled my pockets, the Spectra Nova was set ablaze, as my secret had been exposed and i was transported home. Safely it was that I found my work space that eve. Finally after years of searching, I have found this missing components to my work. Now fair readers, let your eyes feast upon beauty and imagine what the future beholds. These nights shall be accompanied by a scarlet wine to calm my mind. Thither to my chamber shall I keep, and I shall meet with you in a fortnight, perhaps sooner.

For a crude glimse of three setting visit my flickr page
The Spectra Nova

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