Monday, October 25, 2010

Devil's Night ::: Steampunk Photo Shoot

Well, last Devil's night, my guy and I went to see Roky Erikson at the Magic Stick in Detroit. It was one of the best show's I have EVER seen. Appropriately, Roky played all of his heavy gory horror rock and only one Elevator's song, Your Gonna Miss Me. Unfortunately the kick ass night ending with a real nightmare when we came out of the stick and discovered our Jeep was gone.

Well It's on again this Devil's night, same time same place. Only this time it's Guided by Voices. In fact, Detroit was only recently added to the bill long after the tour was first announced. We thought we had been snubbed, but I suppose they changed their mind's and decided to venture in on a night of Motor City Hell, uh I mean Heaven, as lol, we actually call it "Angel's Night" and have for years. This however, as mentioned above, isn't true...

Needless to say, I am really looking forward to this show and then a swingin' party afterwards.

The following day I will be with shooting photos with the lovely Penny Dreadful: Weapons Officer of the H.M.R.A.S. Valkyrie. The shoot will include snap shots of my own work as well as some of the vintage items that I have in my collection with her donned in all of her Steampunk Finery. My ETSY shop REALLY RELALY needs some serious revamping. I am working on putting together a new light box as well. My other, a cardboard box, wilted under the heavy weight of my industrial spotlight after quite a long run. CHEERS to all and have a SUPER FUCKING SWEET HALLOWEEN!

OH! I am getting a Dremel Tool Today too! If only every day could feel like Christmas...


  1. Sounds like too much fun - great posters too.You're going to love the dremmel. I've been thinking about getting the dremel drill press stand too

  2. I am really excited! I can't wait, I get to dress up in all my Steampunk finery at the party. I am also equally excited to use my Dremmel Tool! I have a ton of copper plates that can be used as pendants, brooches, buckles, etc that need some hole drilling! Among others things that need a good Dremmeling :D

  3. Oh yeah, those posters rock, wish I had some originals...