Sunday, March 27, 2011

of Mourning & Haberdasheries

You don't have to be in mourning and you might want to save your hair art for post-apocalyptic endeavors, so why not take a bit of morbid history and wear it, hmmmm?

Ascot, Cravat, Tie Tacs

Buttons my friend, you will find indiscriminately labeled as haberdashery on Etsy, maybe eBay, but my Dear Ladies and Gentleman, you shall find my buttons fit for a gentleman in such longful attire. My Tie Tacks are elegant, dark, and properly labeled for Haberdashery affairs.

Victorian mourning buttons my friends, set in "time". For all you gents out there. ;) Now available at Off the Beaten Path Bookstore in Farmington, MI, with Ties that Bynde Corsetry, and as always on Etsy & with me at show.

You can thank the dashing Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria who tugged on her heart strings until her own death in 1901. When strict mourning etiquette and attire became the norm in those days, so came the means to keep it all wrapped up. Black Glass buttons were extremely fashionable and handsomely decorated.

Also Join me May 7th as Off the Beaten Path presents :Gear Up Bizarre Bazaar: in lieu of The World Steam Expo Memorial day weekend 2011.