Thursday, September 9, 2010

.::: Cirque Acirca :::.

The minds behind the madness, the inspiration, and the finger on the pulse of generations. This project has struck a nerve within me, as the message, meaning, and motivation behind the circus lies in dealing with depression, suicide, and mental illness.

.::: Cirque Acirca :::.

"Through art, performance, sculpture, music, fashion, circus arts & more we hope to take this message to young people & show them that they are not alone, there is a way out & mostly to tell our own stories along with hundreds of others (yours) as we Live, Laugh & Love..."

From the time of my youth I have dealt with depression and anxiety among other things and having a close family member living with schizophrenia, I often believed that my own mental health would just get worse until I wasn't the person I knew. Once I hit rock bottom and I snapped, with the heaviness of my body and breath, I didn't know what to do. So I wrote endless nothingness and began to create. It was this that saved me and this that stabalized my mind. Now, there is no going back.

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